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End of season summary

Vita and Ryan’s 470 campaign - Season update In the fight What a season it has been! Kicking off back in April with Palma and Hyeres -...

June in Marseille

Vita and Ryan’s 470 campaign - June update Feeling out the conditions for the 2024 Olympic venue! Full steam ahead! Ramping up the tempo...

May - back to the basics.

Plenty of tuning going on in Portland harbour! More of a low key month - focusing back on the basics; shaping up our boat handling,...

April - Palma and Hyeres

Back to back regattas 2 major regattas this month - been pretty full on! We head back out to Palma to be greeted with some big breeze!...

Preparing for battle!

Lots going on for us at the moment, we’ve been in Palma for a build up to the Princess Sofia Regatta which starts on Monday. Its the...

December update

Eat, sleep, sail, repeat! The month got off to a cold, wet and windy start! A week in Weymouth for a team camp gave us a taste of winter...

September/ October

Rounding off the event calendar for the year with a blast in Lake Garda. Winter training plans formulate an intense few months ahead!...

About the Team!

Learn a bit more about how we became a team, sailing backgrounds and what goes on in our day-to-day lives

July 2020

Hope for an international event is brewing!

March/April 2020

Worlds gets cancelled!!! 3 days before its due to start - complete heart-sink 😭😭

February 2020

New boat, pre-Worlds build up, excitement and energy is on an all-time high!

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