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Teamwork is something we have a strong grasp on. Being great friends and spending pretty much every waking hour together means our teamwork has been thoroughly tried and tested and is made stronger every day! Outside of sailing we share interests of climbing, mountain running, kite surfing (badly), surfing (also badly), ice skating and general love of the outdoors and doing anything thats a new or a challenge! We both thrive of pushing our selves and doing things out of the ordinary - for us, thats thats whats life's all about! We have expeditioned around the world together; ice skating, rock climbing, hiking, trail running and there is more to come!! Progressing our sailing and racing feeds into our thirst to challenge our selves and strive for achievement. We are flag bearers for the work hard play hard attitude!

Game on!
Medals at junior Europeans
Our first summit!
Medals at Vilamoura Grand-Prix
Rainy mountain runs
Lamb therapy
Lake Baikal
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After the 2020 Olympics, the 470 class will be reduced into one mixed fleet (one female, one male in the boat). This brings a great opportunity because everyone will have to find new pairings, existing champions will have to start again with a new partner.

We paired up in the 470 in summer 2019, just after Vita had completed her goal in the 420 by winning the World Championships and Ryan was looking to take his 470 sailing into an Olympic campaign, after a couple of years in the class.

Stepping into together the boat for the first time, we secures a silver medal in the mixed fleet at the Junior Europeans in summer! our journey began for there...

since then we trained for a 18 months in the uk due to COVID, which tested our motivation and organisation of a campaign structure. We throughly developed our sailing skills as well as a training plan, equipment and fitness.

Alongside the 470 circuit, we have also set out to take on the Etchells circuit with David Franks and Graham Sunderland, who are hugely encouraging of our campaign and are committed to helping us improve our tactics and boat on boat awareness. This has been really beneficial for our racing skills, and has enhanced our time on the water whist in the UK. 

We have now been unleashed back onto the international 470 racing circuit! Oh how we have missed the racing; the competition, the international fleet and the adrenaline before the start!!

Achievements to date:

  • 2nd at Junior Europeans 2019

  • 2nd at Cornu Cup 2020

  • 3rd at Vilamoura GP 2021

  • 8th at World Championships 2021

  • 3rd at Coaches regatta 2021

  • 3rd at European Championships 2021

  • 9th at Princess Sophia 2022

  • 10th at Hyeres reagatta 2022

  • What's next???

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